Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday Celebrations in High School and a Freebie

As a HS teacher I don't usually do much for students' birthdays...In fact, they're lucky if I even know it's their birthday!  If, in fact, I am made aware of a student's birthday (usually by another student wanting to acknowledge their friend), I have a singing monkey that sits on their desk and sings Happy Birthday in Spanish.  They LOVE it (even my math students that don't take Spanish)!

So I've been thinking about what more I could do to acknowledge a student on their birthday.  I recently stumbled across the birthday balloons you may have seen on pinterest or Mrs. Freshwater's Class Blog or  What The Teacher Wants Blog and I decided to make a high school, printer friendly version of my own!  I'm planning to attach the balloons to a pencil or maybe a small pixie stick.  I'm also going to create a birthday recognition chart complete with birthday banner and a list of student's birthdays for each month.
Click the image below to get a FREE copy of the balloons in English or Spanish!

To get the ENTIRE BIRTHDAY PACKET visit my TpT store by clicking on the images below.


  1. Thank you so much for the freebie!!! I just saw these a couple of days ago on Pinterest and when I followed the link, the balloons were on a members only site that required a paid membership, so I added them to my "To Do" list- thanks for helping me save time!!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! These are wonderful!