Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spanish Puppet Shows

I have my students do a puppet show as a way to give an oral presentation with the security of the puppet show stage.  They are presenting the show in Spanish with only a written English version to help keep them on track.
I had to create this stage at the last minute using butcher paper because my card board version was sadly destroyed by workers during the summer.  It worked out ok and the students had fun!


  1. Cute idea for creating your own puppet show theatre. As someone with a drama background, I believe this type of work is overlooked as "fluff", but it really is good for helping students learn how to communicate and speak in front of an audience (not to mention read).

  2. Very cool, great idea!!


  3. Hi, Melissa!

    Been contemplating this idea for some time. Do you have a project outline that you are willing to share?