Friday, January 18, 2013

Factoring the GCF in Polynomials

AHHH, polynomials!  You've got to love 'em.  We've been working our way through parabolas and quadratics in my Algebra 2 class and in preparation for solving quadratics we are learning how to factor.  Of course, we started by factoring the GCF from polynomial expressions.  I created a few tic-tac-toe game boards for factoring the GCF to give the students a more fun way to practice and thought I'd share them with you all!  Click on the image to get the game boards!  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks! Will definitely be using this. I think it is good for them to practice what I see as the "simpler" GCF problems, because they come up so much more but always seem to stump the kids.

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  3. I plan on using this as additional practice in my algebra class. I have a question though. How did students know they were correct before placing an "X" or an "O"? Was it by partner monitoring?
    Thx Bunches! Diane